Welcome to MetalPlast

What we do

Our company can provide you with the means to save considerable amounts of money.

How ?! Easy ! We offer you the possibility of reconditioning your milling and lathing tools damaged in industrial production processes.

By milling and lathing tools, please consider the ones which have changeable and removable bits, that you know are very expensive.

So we present you with the opportunity to save up to 70% off the catalog price of these tools. Through the reconditioning process we guarantee that none of the resistance and functionality parameters of the tools will deteriorate.

- The materials used for reconditioning are of the best quality, produced by the german UTP company.

- Our facilities are new and competitive.

- Highly trained and qualified personel.

- New, top quality control devices.

Here are a couple of reasons we can provide top quality reconditioning work. The precision our company has standard is 0.015 mm, which meets the standards for all main tool producers. The quality assurance for the operaions comprises a computerized control, with the projection of the working edge of the tool on a computer display.